SP Flash Tool Download Latest Version

SmartPhone Flash Tool Latest Download Links: Sp Flash Tool is simple Application and it works on operating systems like Windows And Linux. It allows you to flash custom recovery and install any firmware to your MTK based Android devices. The process of flashing custom recovery is similar to installing any firmware (flash stock ROM). It is used to un-brick the hard bricked android phones. Hard Bricking is the state of your android phone where your phone does not switch on, or your phone goes into a boot loop.

These errors occur when there is a corruption file  in you android system (Usually happens when you apply the wrong method of rooting or install a custom ROM or even when you just mess up your system files out of your curiosity). If your phone is hard bricked or if you want to install some other firmware on your android phone then this tool is the only solution available if your phone is a mediate chipset. So below are the download link for SmartPhone Flash tool Latest Version.

Official SP Flash Tool Download (Latest version)

These are direct sp flash tool download links of the latest version for Windows and Linux. Mediatek Android device will work fine with the latest version, but there are old Android devices which works better with older versions. Download links of the older versions and the latest versions (Tool v5) for Linux and Windows are at the bottom

Download SP Flash Tool

Features of SP Flash Tool

It is the only flashing tool for MediaTek Android devices. This application allows you to flash stock ROM and install custom ROMs on your android phone. While very few smartphone manufacturers are releasing their phone with MediaTek chips due to poor support from Google. But SmartPhone Flash Tool is updated periodically by the MediaTek company. It has lot of features, some of which are:

  1. Flashing to Android stock-ROM (scatter based)
  2. Flash Stock ROM or Custom ROM (scatter based)
  3. Revives your phone from almost any brick!
  4. Flash CWM & Stock Recovery IMG file.
  5. Application for Fixing Bricked device.
  6. Advanced Memory testing and verifying.
  7. Read / Write parameters.
  8. Erasing / Formatting / Reset Your MTK based device.
  9. Root your device without a root exploit.
Features of SP Flash Tool and why its used

Requirements of SP Flash Tool

Following requirements are needed to flash custom recovery, install any firmware to your MTK based Android devices or un-brick the hard bricked android phones using this tool. 
  • PC or Laptop
  • USB data cable for the device (Prefer the USB data cable provided during the purchase of the smartphone because using another random or low quality USB cable can interrupt the connection between your smartphone and desktop or laptop).
  • Drivers (MediaTek USB-VCOM drivers) (Your system requires USB drivers to communicate with your smartphone. You can install driver manually or automatically in order to connect with smarphone. To install VCOM USB Driver manually, you can see tutorial and download the link from the below section).
  • The Scatter file + files to be flashed 
  • Backup the device (YouTube video) (Make sure to take a full backup of your Android Smartphone before using this tool. This is because your personal information such as photos, contacts, messages could be removed during the flashing process).
  • SP Flash Tool Download. (You can download the older and latest versions for Windows and Linux system from the above download section).

How to install MediaTek VCOM drivers

Windows & Linux needs USB Drivers to communicate with Android Smartphone. You need to install drivers in order to connect your smartphone properly. You install MT65xx USB Drivers manually or automatically. Sometimes the drivers aren’t detected properly by devices, so you need to install the drivers manually. You can refer our guide to install VCOM USB Drivers manually.

  • Download and Install MediaTek USB VCOM drivers
  • Driver Auto Installer v1.1236.00

How to use SP Flash Tool

Using SmartPhone Flash Tool isn’t as complex as most bloggers & Youtubers show it to be. It was designed to offer everything at a click of a button. You can download flash tool for Linux and Windows from the above download section. Many people find it complex or say it doesn’t work because either they don’t use any scatter file or use a wrong one. It only flashes software by knowing about it through its scatter file. 

  1. Download and Install this tool for Windows or Linux, USB Drivers, Stock Firmware, Scatter files in a folder on your computer.
  2. Extract the file in a folder.
  3. To launch this tool, click on OpenFlash_tool.exe
  4. Load the scatter file by clicking on “Scatter-loading” (Uncheck all the boxes) and locate the recovery.img file and flash it.
  5. Click the Download button or press F9.
  6. Shutdown your MediaTek device and connect it with Micro USB to PC running the Flash Tool
  7. See it flashing before your eyes and wait for a green circle to show up on your PC to indicate successful flashing.
  8. Restart your phone and Done!

If you want to know how to flash Boot.IMG, Recovery.IMG or unbrick a device, or about common errors and fixes you can check our detailed guide on it.

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